About Artstrom

In 1969 the Company was founded as «Hayshinveranorogum» , which was specialized in metal production and installation activites.

1999 since December the company was refund into the "Artstrom" Open Join Stock company.

2000 the company was specialized in constructing and bulding playgrounds for kids.

Since 2004 the company is also involved of heating and gas piping in planing, construction and bulding works.

Since 2005 the company produces metal furniture, doors, gates and so on.

In 2006 is ESCO(Energetic Service Company) Association founding member.

Since 2007 was engaged in energy audit.

2013 the company started production of plastic playgrounds.

Since 2014 the company has been engaged in activities of placing alternative energy as well as of energy saving system.

Since 1999 the company has placed more than 345 playgrounds in 9 regeons of Armenia and in Karabagh

The firm(company) is seriously cooperating with international and charity fund organizations.

“ The secret to the successful implementation of this project is simple. We just brought together the best people and understood that we were facing a task that is unique in its scale & ignificance. ”

Artur Miroyan

Director of "Artstrom" OJSC